June 27, 2014

Composer Brian Crain on how TuneCore helped him!

Before TuneCore Publishing Composer Brian Crain was only using ASCAP.  They have been good for his music but he didn’t realize how many more royalties he could collect with a Publishing Administrator in addition to ASCAP. As he says "It was easy to sign up and I thought that they would bring in a few extra dollars.  Being an independent musician, it’s important to collect from as many different sources as you can.  It all adds up."

Currently his most lucrative revenue stream is from TV and movie publishing deals that TuneCore Publishing brokers. They look over the contracts and it’s great to have another advocate on your side. TuneCore Publishing has basically become his agent.

When your a struggling, new artist its great to have more "ducks lined up" than you think you might need! TuneCore helps find the royalties that you otherwise might not ever know about!

To read more of this awesome interview, go HERE.

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