May 28, 2014

Box Tops for Education Frustration!

If you have kids, you have seen the collection sheets that schools send home for Box Tops for Education. You put the tops on them and send them back. School gets .10 per top. Ladda Ladda. My issue is I clip these freaking things year round and normally just put them in a baggie and wait for school to start. But even before school starts, that baggie will be ripped and replaced several times! We are not easy on things in the Daigle household!So I decided instead of waiting for the sheets to come home I would print some off and fill them as I collected them. That way the kids could take the sheets the first day of school and we'd call it good. Think its easy to find basic printable sheets? NOPE! I got so angry at the file sharing and downloading the sites required that my daughter (9) just looked at me and said, "Just make your own instead of threatening to beat up the computer!" Out of the mouths of babes!

So I did just that! I made my own collection sheets. I like basic, plain and straight to the point so that's what the sheets are.
My design (leads to external site)
Pardon the scan lines. My scanner is kicking it so every scan looks kinda crappy. This is the 10. I made it Microsoft Office Starter so if I can do you can. Hopefully yours look better!

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