April 28, 2014

Spring Project

Every year I try to get the kids to do one project in the Spring and one in the Fall. This year I scoured Pintrest and came up with an egg wreath for an idea. Needless to say it didn't come out as well as the one I saw but the kids are ok with it so I am as well!
We did the usual hollow out the eggs with a nail and the mind numbing blow out of the insides. (We used the insides to bake a cake!) We rinsed and dried the eggs and then colored them with 1/2 c. warm water, 2 tblsp vinegar and food coloring. When they dried we used clear gold glittered nail polish for the speckled look then sprayed them with acrylic. We used floral wire to thread them one by one on the wire, twirling the wire between each egg. We twisted the ends together and pulled it to make the circle. We added green ribbon to make a hanger and 2 bows on the top.
As a side note, I think next Spring we are going to do something easier than this. Working with delicate real eggs is a real pain in the tush!

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