April 5, 2014

Road ID Review and Giveaway!

Road ID

One of the one things I worry about most as a mom and as a medical care giver, is someone who has no ID on them if they are injured. Imagine not being able to talk, not being able to give a name or number of someone who knows you and any serious medical conditions you may have.
Here's a scenario: You are out running and your hit by a car. Knocked out, bleeding, not breathing. Bystanders are giving you CPR. You start to breath. Still out when the ambulance arrives, they don their gloves and go to work. When you get the hospital, no one knows your name. They don't know allergies or medications, so they have to treat you with what they can, as they can. All of a sudden you seize and a weird rash starts to spread, seemingly to appear out of nowhere. As you crash, they cant figure out what the heck happened. Here's hoping you make it! Lets say you don't. You have no name. Your listed as John or Jane Doe. Off to the morgue you go. Maybe hours, maybe days later the police are scouring the morgue for a listed as missing Jane or John Doe. Your located and pulled out to ID by family, or if no family, friends. HORRID! HORRID! HORRID!
No go back to the beginning. Your out running. Your hit by a car. Knocked out, bleeding, not breathing. Bystanders are giving you CPR. You start to breath. Still out when the ambulance arrives, they don their gloves and go to work. All of a sudden they see your wearing an ID bracelet of shoe tag. They read it and discover you have an allergy to latex and aspirin! They also know your name! The officer on scene calls the number on the bracelet to let your spouse know that you have been in an accident. They ask about allergies and are retold what's on the bracelet but also that you just started a heart medication. By the time you get to the hospital medics have you stabilized and the staff knows what to do avoiding the allergens and not giving you medicine to counteract the new medication. You leave the hospital a few days later! Alive! With maybe a broken bone or two, but alive!
Second one sounds better doesn't it? I sure think so! So when I discovered Road ID, I jumped on the opportunity to do a review for them! The ordering process was easy and fast. With a wide variety of styles, colors and things you can add to it, you can make it as stylish or as plain as you want. Here is a picture of the one I chose:
They even have ID for the running mate in your home, if you have one. Dogs can get one to match yours or a different one. Whatever style they are, you can find one.
And they offer them in kid sizes too!
If you dont want your info on display, they also have the option of having a 1-800 number the medics/police/hospital can call to get your info! 
They email and send updates all along the way from ordering, a thank you, and when it ships. I liked that!
Here is the best part of all! Road ID is offering one of my readers a $30 Gift Certificate/code to redeem with them so they can get their own Road ID item! Use the Rafflecopter below to enter.
Debras Random Rambles is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Road ID will email the winner the code to redeem on their site. Good luck!!!
Debras Random Rambles was only sent product for this review and was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. From roadid.com, I would choose the Wrist ID Sport (in purple) and have it engraved with my special medical needs, as well as my identification specifics. This is such a great idea!

  2. I would choose the sport ID in black!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  3. My favorite is the blue band. I also like the Shoe ID in black.