April 25, 2014

Martial Arts for Kids Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My husband is a Certified Karate Instructor and he watched these with me. My daughter is a Blue Belt in Karate and she also viewed them. They both had a positive outlook on them and my husband was actually impressed that the instructors actually took the time to go into full explanations rather than just skim over the information.

My husbands school, Maine Traditional Karate, is based on Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts and they do a large focus on self defense as well as fighting but they do not do the competitions like you see on TV or in movies.

(This clip is just for demo! This is not a version shown in the kids class that I reviewed. This is a clip to explain the Foundation that it is based on.)

This series is perfect for the families that are worried about the dojo experience. Your child can learn at home and still get a good education! Plus if you decide when the series is done to join a dojo, your child will have a superb heads up and head start!

Although the primary benefit of training in the system is self defense children will also gain in other areas. Such as:

Respect- They will learn the protocols and meanings of these protocals. these are designed to teach respect for oneself and others.

Discipline- Our martial arts instruction is inspiring. Children will be inspired to work hard and will thereby naturally develop self discipline.

Physical Fitness - Classes are energetic. Kids will get lots of exercise.

Coordination - Shou' Shu' develops coordination. Especially due to that large amount of cross lateral motions. Cross lateral motions have been shown to enhance learning. Especially helpful for kids with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia or similar.

Ant-Bullying - Kids will learn to understand how to prevent bullying as well as determining threat level and appropriate responses.
Fun - classes your child is sure to enjoy!

The program includes 13 lessons and a handbook.

They have been teaching the self defense art of Shou' Shu' Kung Fu professionally since 1995. They pioneered the teaching of children in this art. Having perfected the teaching system over the last 19 years they are now bringing the experience online.

The scarcity of martial arts schools teaching a self defense art (in contrast to a sport karate) has prompted them to develop this online curriculum. Making it available in the convenience of your home and on your time!

You can visit Sheng Chi Kung Fu by going to http://www.shengchikungfu.com/.

They even off a FREE Adult class on line! Go HERE to register and learn more!

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Heres the best part! Udemy is allowing me to giveaway

a Free Course of Martial Arts for Kids to 3 lucky readers!
Good luck!!

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  1. What a neat course, thanks for the review and giveaway!; my little girl doesn't practice Karate but I would definitely like to enroll her when she gets a bit older.

  2. My favorite martial artists are Jackie Chan and Jet Li! Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. My kids do not take martial arts, but really want to, so I have no idea what a Federation is!

    1. Most martial arts have a basic founder and the following is based on their teachings. The Federation is the name given to the group and the practice. It is what can help identify them and tell them apart from other "groups".

  4. Chuck Norris is my fave. When I tried to search for this style on the Dojo Locator for local classes, this is not even an option. From google, I think that this style is what all styles originated from so perhaps that is why I cannot find it? Not sure.

  5. My favorite martial artist is my son's former kyukido instructor. She was about 4'11" but she was a powerhouse that showed the kids size didn't matter in self-defense.