April 12, 2014

Madison Reed Hair Color Review

I have been coloring my hair since I was 15. Even more so after I started having kids and saw my first WHITE hairs after my firstborn at 18!
I have used good and not so good products and some of them stunk so bad, I could still smell them days later. But not Madison Reed Hair Color.
It doesn't reek. It actually smells, dare I say, good! It comes with an after shampoo and conditioner that smells ok too. I was driving with my daughter and she asked what smelled so good. I said maybe my hair and she actually sniffed my hair and said "Yep. That's what I smell!"
The best part tho, was the cream they sent that frames your hairline so you don't bleed onto your face and can color all the roots. I'm always so worried about the color staining and it didn't! They also include 2 sets of gloves so you don't have to reuse the first set you use.
They walk you through the whole process of helping you choose your color so you cant go wrong!
They even send you a re-order reminder when its due to re-color!
 I have a lot of subscriptions but this is by far my favorite!
They say, on their site: "We help you find your perfect color, deliver it to your door, and show you how to apply it to get the best results."


Madison Reed Shampoo & Conditioner

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