February 5, 2014

SDY Hair Solutions (Review Only)

SDY sent me a full sized product set as a gift. Writing about it in my blog wasn't a requirement but I wanted to share this with you guys because I really liked the Shampoo and Conditioner they sent me! No animal testing was also a biggie! I really liked the Shampoo, but I loved the Conditioner! My hair felt so much better after using it! Im thinning so I am very cautious about what I use in and on my hair! There wasn't a nasty potent smell either! It had a subtle smell that didn't bother me a bit!

"SDY is a revolutionary new way to help naturally stimulate your very own hair, resulting in fresh new growth, along with the most gorgeous hair you could have ever imagined! SDY hair solutions offers you a healthier and easier way to help bring back your very own head of hair, the way nature originally intended it to be.
Over two decades of research by Dr. Samuel Yue, anti-aging pioneer, along with hair maestro, Jason Deavalon, has resulted in one of the most outstanding lines in hair care products imaginable!
Using a culmination of ancient herbal secrets along with new found patented technology, we have created an easy approach where by simply shampooing your own hair with SDY hair solutions products, you will experience outstanding results.
Healthful ingredients are generously used within our products creating a carefree experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and looking forward to your next shampoo. (Parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde are absolutely forbidden in all SDY products – As is animal testing.)" ~From their Facebook page HERE.

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