February 12, 2014

ProGuideDirect.com for great gear for fishing, hunting and more!

"Nothing is more powerful than a personal and expert recommendation."

"Whether it be the places we go, adventures we seek or things we buy - the endless choices available today are made infinitely easier when someone we know, someone with insider knowledge, offers a little input and real insight." ~ProGuideDirect.com website
As a Mainer I can tell you there is nothing more relaxing than camping and fishing. The peace and quiet is nothing short of a miracle cure for most of today's problems! Well, except for hunting, maybe!
At Pro Guide Direct there is a wide selection of items for hunting, hiking, camping and fishing. They have men's, woman's and kids brand named clothing and accessories.
They even have a Gearlist! You can go to their page HERE to find the perfect gear for you to take with your trip!

Right now they are also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.00.

And there really is no better time to shop than now when your tax returns are coming in! What better to spend on then gear to make your outdoor experience even better!

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