February 21, 2014

Food with Hood Sour Cream

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Hood. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

One of my families favorite foods.....TACO's! I don't mean ones from the famous taco places or frozen and microwaved or stuff like that. We make ours from the ground beef up.  Here is how we make ours. Keep in mind we make double recipes because of how many are eating and the fact 3 are teenagers means we need more!

NEED:   2.5 lbs ground beef (85% works best for us)
             2 packages Taco Seasoning
             2 packages shredded cheese (we use taco blend)
             Hood Sour Cream
             diced tomatoes (we use canned no salt added with green chili peppers)
             shredded lettuce (we buy a whole head and shred ourselves)
             taco shells (we use whole wheat flour tortillas and hard taco shells)

Brown the ground beef on the stove in a large frying pan. When browned, add the packages of taco seasoning and the amount of water as stated on the package. Bring to a boil and stir until thickened. Lay out shells or wraps and dollop sour cream on the center and spread out. Then add ground beef. Layer with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese as desired. I eat mine in bowls. I crush the taco shells and add the rest of the ingredients on top and top it off with the sour cream. Here is my bowl:

We use Hood Sour Cream because it keeps flavor longer and we think taste better than other brands! We have used others in the past and they become runny. Hood keeps the firm texture and doesn't run even with the warm meat.
Another favorite is Chili! My husband loves Chili! He likes my dads and I have posted it on here before but here it is again!

NEED: 1//2 lb ground beef (browned)
             1 can chili beans (we use light red kidney)
             1 can diced tomatoes
                 (we use petite diced with green chili peppers)
             chili powder (to taste)
             salt and pepper (to taste)
             1 small onion, diced (to your own personal size)
             dash of garlic
             1 package shredded cheddar cheese
             Hood Sour Cream

Place all of the above in a slow cooker, we use crock a baby. Heat for 2 hours on high. I do suggest browning the beef before putting it in as to kill off the bacteria and such. When serving, sprinkle with shredded cheese and top off with a large dollop of sour cream. Heres my bowl of chili:

These are 2 of my families favorites using Hood Sour Cream. I don't cook from a box or a mix when I make our favorite comfort foods. I love eating something I have made from scratch and we all like. Plus I know whats in it! Its all natural with no preservatives or "fake" ingredients. My most favorite memory of my family having chili was the year before my dad passed away. He had come to visit and stayed for dinner. I had made his chili as a surprise and boy did it! After the kids went to bed we had seconds and we talked until early am about my growing up and his life. Those are the moments I can never get back but will cherish forever.
But I don't use just any Sour Cream either. As a Mainer I know Hood Products and that's all I use! The best part is the Sour Cream is Light, which means 50% less fat and 1/3 of the calories of regular Sour Cream. And with a company that has been making products for over 160 years, you know they have it right!

You can visit Hood by going HERE. There you will find money saving coupons, recipes and tips!

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