February 27, 2014

A Billion Entrepreneures

I feel so honored to be able to be included in getting the word out about this! I have always dreamed of owning my own business, Im not sharing because right now its still a dream! 

A Billion Entrepreneurs is a movement with the objective to plant the seed of entrepreneurship into multiple generations and re-define the word, “entrepreneurship” to mean, “Taking responsibility for outcomes,” which means taking responsibility for one’s life and current situation. So with that,  the movie was created!
The Movie is an inspiring, feature-length documentary film where they follow real-life entrepreneurs, as they leave a trail of impact, inspiration, mentorship, and responsibility in their business and personal lives which has an effect on countless people.  The film includes people like Adrienne, Brian, Fritzi, Ken (and his daughters), Pam, Rand, and Rick. These fascinating people will take you through a fast-paced education on what it’s like to be entrepreneurs in the real world. The purpose of the film is to inspire viewers, and allow them to understand how accessible and invigorating being an entrepreneur can really be. The goal is for the viewer be a converted fan to the spirit and contagion of entrepreneurship, regardless of their background. One of the film’s objectives is for you to say to yourself after watching the film, “I can do this!

Right now they are running a funding project and they are offering "Perks" with donations levels!

Click HERE to visit them, learn more and (maybe) make your donation! If you do donate, please come back and let me know! 

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