January 6, 2014

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions. Plain and simple, I don't make them. I used to. And every year I used to be sad and depressed at the end of the year knowing my lack of determination was the cause. I always made the same ones too. Loose weight, stop swearing, on and on. Then I decided to change my mind set and stop making goals that I knew I wouldn't be able to keep. Instead, I go for monthly goals. And for the last 3 years that has worked for me and I have been successful at them. No more end of the year depression!

I stick with goals that I know are attainable every month but require effort to complete. Here is a sampling of what I mean:
  • Get that months finances in order. By the week.
  • Put receipts in envelopes. Mark them and file them.
  • Balance the checking account every Saturday night.
  • Pay bills by the due date. Mail 4 days before due.
I use a large calendar that has large squares and mark everything. Crossing them off as I do them so I know they are done. Very easy and simple but it does require some effort to attain.

So to all you people who make the huge resolutions, GOOD LUCK! If you can do it, good for you!

What is your Resolutions for the New Year, or do you make any?


  1. To Make NORE Money!! LOL! Thanks For Sharing! XO

  2. My NYR is to stick to my small weight loss goals. Nothing extravagant. :)

  3. I guess I kind of do yearly resolutions, but they're just goals that I have for my life...not necessarily because it's a new year. My goals are to be more organized, be more frugal, lose 3-4" off my waist, and build more muscle.

  4. Thanks for sharing your resolutions. Mine is simply to be happy this year. It may seem simple, but I have a tendency to do things to make everyone else happy.

  5. I don't make resolutions either. My goal is to eat, drink, and be merry! Best of luck to you in your resolutions!