January 29, 2014

"Beary Glad we're friends" Valentines

Well this year Abby chose to do the same Valentines as last year. I posted about it last year and even tho we scoured Pintrest, she has made up her mind. And once that's done theres no changing it!  As my husband says, "shes definately all yours!"
 You can see last years post, HERE.
I prefer the homemade Valentines to store bought. Anyone can buy a box of Valentines and slap a name in the to and from boxes. If your going to hand out something, put a bit of thought into it. Homemade means more to a lot of people and makes them more memorable. I still get asked about the Valentines we gave out last year and if we are doing something like that again this year. I am happy to say "Yes we are!"

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