January 21, 2014

24 Piece Hair Coloring Chalk and Discount code!

24 Piece Hair Coloring Chalk 
from Ellore Femme
1. Wet your hair.
2. Rub in your preferred Color(s)
3. Allow hair to air dry or use a straightening iron.
IMPORTANT: Avoid eye contact. Avoid digestion. If contact or digestion occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water and seek medical attention. Keep away from young children. Recommended ages 8 and up. Use of gloves is recommended in application. No danger to skin or hair. Hair chalk may break into multiple pieces during use, transport and/or changes in temperature. You may continue to use broken hair chalk as normal.
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My daughter loves using this chalk! It is so easy, she can do it herself. I've even used it a few times! She's been a multi colored hair girl since she was 6! She's 8 now and her hair is hers so I pretty much let her do as she chooses in reguards to that. Its her hair and she has to live with it so if shes ok with it, I will be too. Some battles have to go to the child so mom can win the wars! 

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