October 22, 2013

Why I chose Weight Watchers over other programs

I admit I have a weight issue. My last pregnancy was a twin pregnancy and it has been hard loosing the weight. Some people say just eat better, exercise more, get moving. Well, for some it may be easy but for me it is not. I need all the help I can get! I dont have time to go to the gym 4-5 times a week or walk 4 miles a day. Between 6 kids at home and a husband who works a full schedule and takes and teaches Karate, I hardly have time to leave the house! Thats why I love Weight Watchers! I dont have to leave the house! Between the online support and the foods you can order or buy at the store, I have no excuse not to get healthier! And if you dont want to eat their foods, you dont have to! Eat your normal foods and just keep track of them.

Weight Watchers works because it's not a diet. You learn how to eat right and live healthy, which will help you lose weight and keep it off. Weight Watchers helps and teaches you how to lose weight and keep it off, for good!

If you decide to try Weight Watchers, make sure you use their promotional offers. I found them here: http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/weight-watchers-coupon-codes-review-promotional-savings-discounts.html

I have been on almost every diet you could think of. The worst was a liquid diet and let me tell you, that was not fun or pretty. But with Weight Watchers so far I have lost a bit over 30 pounds and I feel good! Even my doctor has told me hes impressed with my effort and results. My blood pressure has gone down and my cholesterol has lowered. I have more energy than before. I only wish I could get to the gym more. My only regret is that I dont get to meetings. But I do use the online tools the best that I can. I do buy the Weight Watchers labeled food at the grocery store, but I will admit that some of them do not taste good. My favorite is the Lasagna. But then who doesnt love Lasagna?

One of the best things you’ll get as a Weight Watchers member is support. It can get lonely and frustrating when you’re trying to lose weight. There can be times where you need an extra jolt of motivation. No matter if  you subscribe to Weight Watchers Online or if you go to meetings, you’ll get the support and inspiration you need to loose weight and keep it off in a healthy way.

Honestly tho, who doesnt want to be a bit more fit? Even if its 5 pounds or 50, even a small loss can make you feel worlds lighter and healthier.  Not to mention if you have a special occassion coming up, dont you wanna WOW the other attendees? Or, if your single (male or female), an ex you want to look at you and say WHOA! Or even if its just to make yourself feel better about yourself! Give it a try! I did and I love it!

PS: I am not posting my pics! Im not that comfy yet!
Oh yeah, These are all my opinons! Im not endorsing Weight Watchers, just sharing my experience and letting my readers know about specials in case they want to try it!

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  1. Weight watchers is the only program I have ever had success with. Thanks for the great post!

  2. this is a good program very supportive keep up the good work. thanks for sharing the post very encouraging for everyone

  3. Ive only had success with what I call the pregnancy diet. I get so sick I lose weight so I have to look at it lightly to get through it. Bad jokes aside Im looking to lose some more weight (My goal is another 60lbs) I'm 2 weeks PP and down 35lbs from pre pregnancy so I have to wait a little longer before I can diet so just trying healthy choices right now. I will look into the weight watchers program when I get the go ahead