October 28, 2013

My Image Maker Giveaway

My Image Bracelet Maker

My Image Bracelet Maker is a unique craft toy that gives children (and often parents and grandparents) the opportunity to create personalized photo bracelets. The kit comes with 6 preprinted image cards, including 144 pictures, an extra strength glue stick, 18 elastic threads, 54 image tiles in 6 bright colors, a knot key tool (to make seamless bracelets), and even has a refill kit with special glitter tiles available.

To take it to the next level myphotosizer.com allows crafters to upload and use their very own photos. Better yet, a free iPhone/ipod touch app is available so that you can pull photos from your library or take a photo, crop, and resize right on the spot. These applications produce a 4x6 image card that can be easily printed from home or your local drugstore. My Image Bracelet Maker includes a built-in punch so that photos are perfectly (and safely) cut each time and can be used to make reversible bracelets.

My daughter loves crafts and projects and especially loves making her own jewelry type projects.  We recently received the My Image Bracelet Maker from MyFBM.  This is such a unique kit because she can make a bracelet with the already included photos or she can make a bracelet with her own photos by printing from her iPod.  The kit includes tiles, preprinted pictures (lots of them), elastic bands and glue to keep it together as a bracelet.  A paper punch is included to trip photos to exactly the correct size for the tiles.

Since my daughter's name is SEPHORA we decided to make her name.  Other than buying something from the makeup store chain - it is impossible to find anything with her name on it.  It always has to be custom made.  Then she made others with fun pictures that were included in the kit.

That is the dog you see in the background
As you can see she is making this all by herself

The dog thinks she is helping
what she is really doing is drooling all over Sephora's head

And one of the completed bracelets

My Image Bracelet Maker retails for $29.99.  Right now you can order one for 20% OFF with coupon code:  FASHBASH

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The Giveaway: Would you like to win your own My Image Bracelet Maker? TSOS has one to give away to one lucky contestant! To enter the giveaway please follow all of the instructions below!

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