July 24, 2013

Wine Maps ATTN: Wine drinkers


My friends and followers, I have the site for you! If you like, or even love, to drink wine, this site is for you! Whether your traveling locally or internationally, you can find events, wine bars and vineyards all over the world!

WineMaps.com is an interactive travel map that allows consumers to discover, learn and interact with wineries, vineyards, wine bars and events around the world. Using your phone, You can look for the nearest WineMaps locations, check in to wineries, write reviews and post them to your social networks or map out your own wine tour.
You can plan a vacation to the vineyards in Mendocino, discover wineries in Greece, and choose which wine bar to go to in the city or find a wine-related event you should attend. 

You find the area on the map you are interested in or traveling. Click on the large numbered circles to zone in on that area. 

All of the vineyards and such are then displayed with little wine glasses. You click on the glasses for more information. 

If you know of a location not on the map, just let them know about the site and they can sign up to be included on it. Its easy!
You can sign up for their newsletter here.

The founder of WineMaps, Ryan Ornelas, is a Stay at Home Dad of 3yr old Holden, 1yr old Liam and a loving wife, who spends his late hours building WineMaps.com. You can read an interview with Ryan Ornelas here

Visit WineMaps here

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  1. Fun! I had a look at their website and scoped out some of the vineyards near here. :)