July 13, 2013

Seventh Generation review and giveaway

I was so lucky to be picked to host a Seventh Generation House Party!  I was hoping for the cleaning party pack, so I was surprised to get a baby pack! That's alright tho! My twin are just out of diapers but they have sensitive skin and we only use hypo allergenic and Free and Clear products for their skin, bath and clothing. I was delighted to open the box and see all the goodies they sent for the party. They included a package of diapers and instead of opening them and wasting them I gave them to a woman in need for a baby gift.  There were samples for laundry detergent, skin care and facial care. There was also a cd and a cute little book about a cleaner environment and healthy living with healthier to use products! 

I don't do home parties in the traditional since. I have a tiny house after all. I do online virtual parties that go over very well with my friends and family. Everyone loved the samples and coupons!

Seventh Generation isn't just cleaning and baby products! They also have skin care! I didn't know that until I started more research! I have been trying the peppermint soap and I'm in love with it. Is smells so good and doesn't have that nasty stuff other soaps do.

I am so happy to bring you this giveaway! Below is what will be included. There is 2 of everything except the coupons and the book (not shown). I will ship the prize to the winner vis USPS. I only ship out once a month. This post contains, as always, my own opinion. I was only sent a Party pack to host a party and share with friends. My blog followers are my friends! Good Luck! Contest will run until August 1, 2013. Winner chosen by copter on August 2, 2013. The winner will have 24 hours to email me their address or another winner will be chosen.


2 Mandarin Refreshing Facial  Cleansing Cloths
2 Natural 4X Laundry Detergent
2 Free And Clear Wipes packs (2 in each sample)
2 Baby Shampoo & Wash
2 Baby Lotion
1 sheet of Stonyfield coupons
1 sheet of high value Seventh Generation coupons
1 Lick This Book (sm. book)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I try to use environmentally friendly products whenever possible - especially since I have little ones at home now. I sometimes struggle because the cost can be so much more than other brands and I don't see coupons/good promotions for these products as much as others.

  2. I am 48 years old & just now going green. It is a process but I am using more & more environmentally friendly products & making my own where I can. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. I try, but they are usually very expensive and I am on a fixed budget.

  4. Yes, I like 7th Generation cleaning products

  5. Sometimes I do, when I can, and when they do not cost too much more than other brands.

  6. i like to use vinegar and baking soda to clean.

  7. I do use eco-friendly products - I hate thinking about my kids inhaling that stuff and what it does to the Earth long term if I didn't.

  8. We use environmentally friendly "bug sprays" that are very effective!

  9. I try to, especially cleaning products. Cleaning products with harsh chemicals make me nervous with having little ones

  10. I have HUE led lights that last for 13 years and use less energy. I can turn them on/off and change the color of them with my iPhone. They are seriously awesome.

  11. I try to use as many as I can, but the prices are sometimes way out of my budget.

  12. I use a couple eco-friendly products. It's hard when they are so expensive. Some things I just make myself. Hope to win!

  13. I never use any because they're expensive.