July 27, 2013

Sam Dickinson Review

I love Soul and Jazz music. I would rather hang out in a Jazz and Blues place than a club with pounding music. My dad was a big influencer in my music choices. I grew up listening to music of the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. I love the beat the sway and the meaning behind the words. Back then music came from the heart and it ment something to people. Now, to me, music has seemed to have lost something. There's alot of sex, violence and illegal things that are glorified and sung about and sometimes you cant understand what your listening to. 

I was given the chance to review the music of Sam Dickinson. He is a 25 year old from Newcastle Upon Tyne who sings Soul.

It takes alot to impress me. I thought "just another wanna be". But as I started listening, I was surprised. Happily so. As soon as he started to sing I was reminded of a Blues Club I had been to in New York City. You can feel the words, not just hear them. You can sense that the words and the rythym are coming from within and are not just words off paper. Take a listen!

Good, right???? I think it, as we say in Maine, is wicked good!

Have another listen, and look.

You can follow Sam online at: Sam Dickinson on Facebook

Here is the link to the webpage: Sam Dickinson online

And a link to more of his music: More Sam Dickinson music

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