July 30, 2013

Got kids? Best keyboard I've seen!

We have gone through 5 keyboards and probably 5 mouse's over the past year with our one computer alone. Most of the damage has been caused by 2, too smart for their own good, 5 year olds! Most of the keyboard issues have been fluid and the mouse, well we just wont go into that! 

I was looking around this cool gadgets site, ANKAKA, and found this:

Silicone PC Keyboard!!

Perfect for the family that has issues with keyboards, like mine! Here are the details:

Flexible Silicone Rubber PC Keyboard - Compact and flexible - can be rolled up!

Low priced and incredibly flexible, PC keyboard made completely from quality silicon rubber. The ultimate in portable and durable, this is a key board that can go anywhere you go, take extraordinary amounts of abuse, and still work perfectly. This standard QWERTY keyboard is plug and play with Microsoft Windows OS and works just like a normal computer keyboard.


  • Compact and flexible - can be rolled up!
  • Solid, yet comfortable feeling
  • Extremely durable

China Manufacturer Specifications
  • Full-Sized Flexible Keyboard
  • Flexible All Silicone Rubber
  • Plug-and-Play, no installation needed
  • 109 Keys/Button
  • Standard QWERTY layout
  • USB or PS/2 OUT
  • Systems: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista (32 bit version only)
  • Power Source: direct from USB or PS/2 Port

Notes from Manufacturer
  • Virtually Indestructible
    - Washable
    - Dustproof
    - Mildew and Water resistant

The best part of all is the price! $5.23!!! AND you can order in quantity since it is a wholesale site! The more you order, they less they cost.`ju Im trying to convince my husband to let me buy a few to keep on hand. So far, no go but Im going to keep trying!

You can check out ANKAKA HERE.

All of my opinions are as always, my own! 

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