July 23, 2013



 I do not have a checking account. I will probably never have one. I honestly don't trust banks and their fees. I recently looked at my husbands bank information on fees and, OMG! They ranged from $5 to $45! That adds up! I'm always worried about overdrafts and extra fees with that too. Someone can get in really deep if they accidentally bounce one check! One can lead to 2 or 3 or more and if your fee is $25 per check, you can easily go $100 in the negative! It could take a week or more to get out of that hole! With credit history and bank information being important to credit scores and credit reports, a bounced check could cause more problems than some may think.

Thats why I like pre-paid debit cards. No over draft fee's. No late fees, no bounced checks. .

At cards.com you can choose any design! They have TV shows, cartoons, and states, as well as countries. Like Star Trek? Here you go!

 Our family is HUGE on The Walking Dead. So of course, that's the card I chose!

It was easy to apply and I got an answer in less than a min. Since its pre paid, the money is your own, they don't deny you. They do not run a credit check. They only verify your identity information with a national database. This is not a credit check. It is only something they are required to do to comply with the PATRIOT Act.

You can link your Pay Pal to your card!

You can reload your card with MoneyPak or you can have direct deposit! 

All  transactions are fully FDIC insured through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. They are also protected with Visa’s zero liability policy, and are PCI Certified for data security and privacy. You receive the same level of security as you would get with a bank.

There is a monthly maintenance fee of $5.95 per month. But this is waived when you load at least $800  in the previous 30 days with direct deposit.

I got approved and about 1 week later, I had my card in hand. The card came on a neat card that had all the information I needed to activate and to set up direct deposit. Activation was simple! It took about 3 min to set it up and be ready to use. Easy Peasy!!

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