July 29, 2013

Black flies be gone!

Living in Central Maine black flies are the norm. No matter if you are in city limits or in the country or woods. But just because we are Mainers, its doesn't mean we like them! Not all of us are backwoods and love all types of nature. Personally, I like them dead! But since I have a "everything deserves to live" daughter, I scoured Pintrest to see what I could find to help keep these annoying things away. 

I came across alot of posts about baggies, water and pennies. So I showed my daughter and got her approval to try. Apparently it just does some kind of reflection thing and scares the flies away.  

We took 2 ziplock baggies, filled them 1/2 way with water and put 5 pennies in each one and zipped them shut. We hung them up outside the front and back door. 

You cant really see the pennies but they are there.

Heres hoping it works. We are only on day 3 so if it doesnt work,
 Im sure you will see another post with another try!

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