May 1, 2013


Sensitive Whitening

I have been using this new toothpaste for about 2 weeks now and I really like it. It does have a little zing to it but I can tell my teeth feel a bit better. They don't seem as sensitive to certain cold foods as they were. I will definitely be buying this again!

This toothpaste is from the makers of Orajel and provides maximum pain relief in a low abrasion formula that is gentler on enamel. Plus it cots a fraction of the cost of a leading sensitive toothpaste brand. It also includes Baking Soda to gently remove plaque and surface stains without causing sensitivity.  
  •  Relief from Painful Tooth & Nerve Sensitivity
  •  Low Abrasion Formula
  •  Effective Stain Removal
  •  Deep Cleaning
  •  Breath Freshening
  •  Fluoride Cavity Protection
Here is a link to the website for Arm & Hammer to learn more about tooth sensitivity and this toothpaste.
Link to A&H website

I was provided a full size tube of toothpaste to try an review by smiley360. The opinions are my own.

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