April 2, 2013

prepping the yard

This is the time of year when my brain goes on overdrive trying to figure out how to do the yard for the spring/summer. This year we have a house so I can go a little on the wild side. Within reason, according to my hubby! And because we are on a strict budget, I have to use around the house stuff. So I searched the sites,all the recycling sites, I knew, and came up with a few ideas. Pintrest was a hoot to look at. I'm low on money and talent so it does have to easy or pretty simple!

From Pintrest: Use newspapers to line the garden bed. No weeds! And its green! The paper will decompose in about 18 months!

Jar lanterns. You can have any color sand or stone on the bottom. Mason jars can be really cheap if you can find them at yard/tag/garage sales.
Gnome/Fairy home.
But my favorite, since we use a lot of them, are the cans!
You can paint ANY cans such as coffee or soup or whatever and hang them with wire. The more colorful the better but I'm sticking with blue since we have paint leftover from painting the kitchen and boys rooms.

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