March 15, 2013

Toms of Maine toothpaste

I really do love opening my mail!!!

Like any parent, I find it a real challenge to get my kids to brush their teeth. It takes them almost turning yellow sometimes to get it done! And yes it is really sad! The big excuse is that they feel like their mouth is on fire after because of the strength of the toothpaste. 

So when I got this sample I told my son to brush away. There are no harsh chemical's to leave the after burn. He used it and actually smiled after an said "Hey that wasn't so bad! I like this stuff."

One down!

My daughter only agreed to use it cause the tube was her favorite color lol blue! She said it was "ok"

Two down!

My oldest daughter gave me the "yeah right" look when I told her to use it, along with the rolled eyes. She didn't complain before or after so I think it may be a thumbs up!

Three down!!!

Three of 3 isnt bad, 2 5yos dont have a clue lol and the oldest doesn't care. Hes 15. So I used it too and I like it! No nasty after taste or burn and my mouth still felt clean.

 Thumbs up!!!

I was given a sample as part of smiley360.
The opinions are my own, as much as they are.

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