February 1, 2013

Today I got my House Party party kit for Adventure Time Fionna and Cake!! The kids were giddy cause I waited to open it until they got home. See, I can be a nice mommy sometimes! This is what was in it:

 Balloons, VIP pass holders, comic books, 2 videos, temp, tattoos and anti-bullying bracelets.

I've never really been overly fond of Adventure Time but my kids love the show. So I applied to host. I have to say Im glad I did because there is a message with this one. I'm all in favor of any show that attempts to deal with the major bullying issue the United States seems to have with their children, teenagers and some adults.  

 Although this party is closed to any more applicants and hosts, there are others open! If your not already a member, follow the link, houseparty.com and sign up! Not only is it a good reason to have a party, its a good way to get to try things and get some free stuff. 

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