February 6, 2013

This year we are doing something different for Abby's valentines. We are making them! No store bought cheap cards this year. There are alot of ideas online and we found alot of ideas on Pintrest. We decided on something small and actually cheap since this year our budget is very tight. We needed enough for both her classroom and her Brownie Troop. Another benefit is from the supplies we bought we can save the leftovers and make her birthday party goodie bags and only change the message on the card stock and the contents of the bags. This is the final product! We think they turned out good for a first year try!

At Wal-Mart we bought treat bags in the candy making isle and colored card stock in the printer/copier paper section (about $2 cheaper than in the scrapbook area!). At the Dollar Store we bought the Teddie Crackers and a small stapler with staples. We placed 5 crackers in each baggie. The crackers are bigger than Teddie Grahams and look like 2 bear friends standing beside each other. Then we folded the top over and placed a card stock card on the end and stapled them shut. 

We got the template for the card on another site, teddy bear valentine link

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